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7 Ways to Use Your Business Credit Card Rewards

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Oct 20, 2022 15:00 EDT

iQuanti: As a small business owner, you know it — operating a business can be expensive.

Getting your business off the ground can be costly, but the good news is that there’s a lot that you can do to keep your expenses lower. Being a savvy spender and using one of the best business rewards credit cards is one way to save on operational costs, helping you to boost your bottom line.

While, in many cases, you could use the card points yourself — and jet off to the Bahamas or book yourself in for a day at the spa, many business owners choose to reinvest those rewards by putting them back into the business.

Rewards from business credit cards can be used on a number of different business expenses. From supplies and travel costs to employee training and website development, rewards can help you save money on many business costs. With this in mind, here’s a look at seven ways you can leverage those rewards, reinvesting the proceeds into your business to expand your company further.

How to Use Business Rewards Cards Points:

1. Buy new supplies  

Whether your business operates from an office building or your home office, you need certain supplies to keep the company running. Credit card rewards can often be used toward the cost of supplies, including basics like paper, ink, and stationery. Or, use your rewards to get organized with a new filing system and storage boxes. Need some new furniture? You could save up and buy some much-needed, more costly furnishings like desks, chairs or monitors.  

2. Treat clients

As you build your small business, you may need to spend at least some time entertaining clients, whether for meals or outings. If you host clients regularly, you can use rewards toward the cost of client-related expenses, whether catering breakfast and lunch for an all-day meeting or covering dinner for your team and your prospective client. 

3. Reward your team

If you have a team, you could also consider treating them with those reward points. Use your rewards to give high-performing team members who meet or exceed their quotas a reward. A vacation, concert tickets or gift cards are all popular options.

4. Pay for business travel  

If you or your team travel extensively for business, a credit card that rewards you in miles or hotel points could be more valuable than one that offers cash back. Whether you’re attending a conference or meeting clients out of town, you can use rewards to cover the cost of flights, hotels, and rental cars. If you rack up enough miles or hotel points, you could wind up with a significant discount on your next trip.   

5. Pay for website development or a marketing refresh  

It’s a good idea to refresh your website every year or so. Not only do trends change, but sometimes your business direction does, too. If you’re looking to update your company website, you can use cash back rewards to cover the cost of design and development. Similarly, whether you plan to use print or digital advertising, you could turn rewards points into cash back that covers marketing expenses.  

6. Invest in employee training  

Investing in your employees is an excellent investment in your business. You can use credit card rewards to cover the cost of employee training, whether in-person seminars or online courses. Training opportunities can also help increase employee retention and using credit card rewards to pay for it is money in the bank.  

7. Update your business technology  

While investing in your employees is always a good idea, you also need to ensure your team is working with technology that enables them to be as efficient and productive as possible. Whether you’re upgrading your current hardware or software or switching to entirely new solutions, you can leverage your business credit card rewards to offset the cost.  

The Bottom Line  

With so many options for redeeming rewards, it’s easy to find a way to make them work for your business. So, if you’re looking for ways to save money, consider using rewards from your business credit card. You may be surprised at just how much you can save. 

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