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Amazing Graze Flowers Reveals the Best Flowers for a Winter Wedding

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Choosing flowers for the big day can be very overwhelming as they play a big part in setting the mood and ambience of a wedding. To simplify the process, floral decisions should be based on the season.

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May 16, 2022 08:00 AEST

According to boutique florist Amazing Graze Flowers, who offers flower delivery in Melbourne, the flower varieties available each season differ, so embracing seasonal blooms is the way to go to ensure the best quality. While it may be possible to get out-of-season flowers through importation, it will be more expensive and quality cannot be guaranteed.

Winter has typically been a less popular time for weddings in Australia; however, due to the ongoing effects of the global pandemic on the industry, many brides are opting for any date they can secure. Winter doesn’t have to mean boring and dreary though, says Amazing Graze Flowers. In fact, winter is the perfect season for couples looking to achieve a cosy and intimate atmosphere for their wedding.

Amazing Graze Flowers says there are still plenty of beautiful blooms to choose from during winter. Some of the Melbourne-based florist’s favourite options for the cooler months include the blushing bride flower, a gorgeous and long-lasting option with white, cream or pale pink flowers. Cymbidium orchids with hints of pink and purple are also a great choice for a classic and romantic look.

Many brides opt for sweat peas in their bouquets, says Amazing Graze Flowers. Ruffly, romantic and fragrant, these blooms come in a variety of colours ranging from white to pink, purple and more. These flowers can easily be incorporated into bouquets and table centrepieces.

Flowers of hellebores bloom in late winter and are available in a variety of colours such as black, purple, mauve, pink, yellow and white and come in single or double flowers. Amazing Graze Flowers says the unique colour and texture attributes of these blooms add a delightful touch to bridal bouquets.

Other winter favourites flagged by Amazing Graze Flowers include ranunculus flowers, poppies, stocks, hyacinths, roses and carnations. Each flower variety can make a stunning statement at a winter wedding.

The team at Amazing Graze Flowers are passionate about collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life. To discuss bespoke bridal arrangements and flower delivery Melbourne-wide, contact the team today.

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