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Gokhshtein Media Appoints New CCO – Akil Patterson

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Gokhshtein Media is proud to announce the appointment of Akil Patterson as the new Chief Communications Officer of the corporation.

Press Release

May 24, 2022 18:00 EDT

Gokhshtein Media has been building its team to expand as a leader in media coverage of blockchain and lifestyle content for viewers worldwide.

By appointing Akil Patterson as its CCO, Gokhshtein Media will continue refining its position as “The Peoples Blockchain Media Source” with content deployed for the community and customers. Akil’s experience in the blockchain industry reaches back to 2017 and pairs very well with his background in law, negotiations, and arbitration, having studied at Washington University in St. Louis School of Law and Purdue University.

Akil commented, “I am proud to serve as Gokhshtein Media’s Chief Communications Officer and am impressed with the level of commitment that the executive team has shown in upholding the values of diversity through team expansion and the Blockchain Industry. I look forward to working with expanding our partnerships and helping to build the brands of others.”

Ross Macdonald, COO of Gokhshtein Media, commented, “Working with Akil is a privilege, seeing how he manages our community, team, and our brand. Akil’s exceptional ability to focus our efforts on opportunities in the blockchain industry will benefit our community and our customers in so many ways. The future is very bright with what we will accomplish as a team.”

Akil will be working on many projects, including team management, in-person interviews, brand development, and public relations. Our contacts from inside and outside working with digital assets can connect with Akil and Gokhshtein Media to create partnerships, stories, and content. Our goal is to continue to define the development and the success of the blockchain industry under Akil’s direction.

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Source: Gokhshtein Media LLC.

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