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J&W Family of Brands Has Announced That It Has Completed Its Acquisition of Clarity Kids Vitamins, a US-Based Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement Company

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Press Release

Oct 21, 2022 17:30 EDT

Based in Jacksonville, FL, Clarity Kids was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur and father Alex Kiss, who wanted to create a truly all-natural line of supplements made with premium ingredients to support the well-being of his son and daughter.

Clarity Kids Vitamins was born out of a simple promise: to be transparent and thoughtful about every single ingredient selected for its formulations. Built with a passion to help others by creating vitamins and supplements for the entire family that are 100% free of “nasties”; no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. No added sugar, gluten, nut, soy, dairy, corn or wheat, and non-GMO.

Nearly the entire kids’ supplement industry has shifted towards gummies, which children love as they taste like candy. But these gummies have a dark side as they are loaded with sugar and have been proven to cause tooth decay, leading to cavities. Clarity Kids held true to their core values and did not add this to their product line, even if it meant sacrificing profits. It’s J&W Family of Brand’s view that any vitamin or supplement company that truly cares about the overall health of children would not add gummies to their product line.    

Since inception, Clarity Kids has carefully formulated and launched five supplements, each designed to work synergistically with the other. Super Calm, which is a best-seller on Amazon, was the first formula, followed by Super Tummy (pre and probiotic), Super Vitamin (daily multi), Super Immune (for a boost) and Super Omega (vegan DHA and EPA).  J&W Family of Brands aims to build off this amazing foundation and launch future products in early 2023.

Michael Danhour, CEO of J&W Family of Brands, said: “Clarity Kids Vitamins is a perfect fit for our company and we are excited to welcome them into our portfolio of purpose-led brands. The Clarity Kids mission of improving the health of well-being of children through transparency and trust aligns strongly with our values as a company. From the start, Clarity Kids Vitamins has been about family and a core commitment to the well-being of children, principles which have guided them over the last four years. We are excited to work with Alex to grow the Clarity Kids brand.”

For further information about this acquisition or Clarity Kids Vitamins, please reach out to hello@claritykids.com 

Source: J&W Family of Brands

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