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Lawn Mower Madness – Can The Right Brand Stop The Insanity

The two main types of lawn mowers are the push mower and the riding lawn mower. Lets look at the push mower first. There are three main categories to look into when choosing a push mower. They are gas powered, electric, and non-powered. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Looking at the riding lawn mower, these are generally chosen for larger yards that would take hours to cut with a push mower.

The brands of lawn mowers are as extensive as automobiles. It is almost like choosing a car really. You can pick out the horsepower, color and options just like an automobile. Some even cost as much. There are some men who really do not care what type of mower they get as long as it cuts the grass. Others are as particular as making sure it is bigger and better than the guy next door. Some men take so much pride in their lawn mowers that you would think they are comparing baby picture of their children.

Practicality and ease of use are two main keys on deciding what lawn best suits you. Of course you need to be practical when choosing a lawn mower. Yard size is very important thing to consider when purchasing your lawn mower. You certainly do not want to choose the model currently on sale when it would not be best lawn mower for the job. If a riding lawn mower is on sale for $250.00 less than the standard push mower next to it, you may look twice at the riding lawn mower.

If your yard size is 10 feet by 10 fen and you have five trees, maybe the riding lawn mower is not the best choice. If when looking at all of the models of lawn mowers at your disposal and some look like you need to take a two week study course on how to operate it, then maybe that lawn mower is not the best choice either. Price is also a huge factor when choosing a lawn mower. Some are priced very reasonable while others can be as expensive as the car in your driveway.

The thing to keep in mind is that this is a long-term purchase. With proper care and regular cleaning, your lawn mower can last your years and years. A little blade sharpening here and a hose off there can greatly extend the life of your lawn mower, therefore making your time spent with your lawn mower more rewarding.

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