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Lending Platform Announces Borrower’s Professional Credentials to Be Used to Determine Credit Worthiness

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Hardfunded.com’s loans to licensed professionals provides hundreds of thousands of dollars for any purpose with no collateral and millions of dollars for real estate investments with zero down

Press Release

May 24, 2022 10:17 EDT

HardFunded.com, a lending platform that connects borrowers to lenders, announced today that its lending programs take into account the professional credentials of borrowers. This is in addition to reviews of borrowers’ credit and income history.

Approximately 40 million workers in the United States have a professional license. There are hundreds of professions that require professional licenses, including accountants, doctors, architects, plumbers, electricians, nurses, psychologists, lawyers, pilots, teachers, engineers, massage therapists, barbers, real estate agents and therapists.

“While credit scores are important, professional certification is a better predictor of credit worthiness,” HardFunded.com’s CEO Mike Sarrage said. “Workers with professional licenses and certificates tend to earn higher incomes on average and are much less likely to default, allowing lenders to offer better rates and extended terms. Our relationships with these lenders allow us to bring these no-collateral loans to those who need cash quickly whether for business or personal use.”

HardFunded.com’s lending offer provides those with certification or license with no collateral loans far greater than their competitors. While the majority of no-collateral lenders cap their lending limit at $50,000 with terms up to five years, HardFunded.com’s personal loan programs go up to $250,000 with terms up to 12 years. Loans can be used for any purpose including personal debt consolidation, business working capital, down payments on real estate purchases and business startups.

In addition, HardFunded.com has rolled out a unique real estate investor program, requiring a zero down payment for up to $2.5 million. The real estate investor program is designed for borrowers in the fix-and-flip, long-term rentals and new-construction industry to provide a simple, quick-cash solution.

HardFunded.com’s loan programs usually fund quickly with minimal paperwork. The company closes most loans within a week, compared to the 30-45 days it may take to close a bank loan.

For more information on HardFunded.com’s lending programs, please visit hardfunded.com.

About HardFunded.com, Inc.

HardFunded.com is a lending marketplace that connects borrowers and lenders. The marketplace offers unique loan programs, including loans to licensed professionals, business startup loans and private investment loans for real estate investors. Visit HardFunded.com for more information.

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