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Lexyr Inc. Releases a Tool for Exporting Reddit Data Including Entire Subreddits

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New Media Intelligence Tool Allows Users to Download Reddit Data Instantly for Machine Learning, Natural Language Programming, Research and Marketing.

Press Release

Sep 21, 2022 11:00 EDT

 Lexyr Inc. announces SocialGrep’s Reddit Export, an online tool for exporting Reddit data, filtered by subreddits or topics. Users can sign up to try the service for free at socialgrep.com/exports.

SocialGrep Exports works as a seamless extension of the Lexyr’s Advanced Reddit search engine, available at socialgrep.com/search. The advanced Reddit search provides the ability to filter by date, keyword, subreddit, domain, and many other filters. The result of a search query can be downloaded as a CSV or JSON file, and later used for purposes of analytics, marketing or research.

“We are excited to be able to offer SocialGrep Exports,” said Paul Lebrunner, head of Machine Learning R&D at Lexyr Inc. “SocialGrep Exports allows users to select a wide range of data filters to create specialized Reddit datasets for use in data analysis for research, marketing, economics, fraud prevention, brand protection, market research, NLP, machine learning and social science research.”

Users can create custom corpora based on selected keywords, communities, or domain names, or use the tool to download an entire subreddit for data analysis and natural language research and model training. 

During the private beta of the product, a variety of users were using SocialGrep Reddit exports. Use cases included NLP chatbot training, psychology research, financial alternative data analysis for /r/wallstreetbets & /r/bitcoin. Other uses of included machine learning, cybersecurity, social science, political, trend analysis and niche cryptocurrency and commodity markets.

SocialGrep Exports is released as a part of Lexyr’s SocialGrep project, which is a set of media intelligence software that allows users to easily parse and analyze content on the social media website Reddit. For more information about the current and upcoming tools, including Reddit Keyword Alerts, please visit socialgrep.com.

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