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Melbourne Florist Reveals Unique Ways to Use Flowers in a Wedding

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Flowers are a traditional part of wedding decor, but that doesn’t mean floral design has to be boring. Amazing Graze Flowers reveals inspiring ways to incorporate flowers into a wedding.

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May 20, 2022 22:02 AEST

According to renowned boutique florist Amazing Graze Flowers, who offers premium flower delivery Melbourne-wide, looking for unique takes on wedding floral design will make the day truly special and memorable. From sprucing up the aisle and space around it with blooming details to incorporating unusual flowers or greenery, there are plenty of ways to take wedding flowers to the next level.

Amazing Graze Flowers says pairing something surprising such as succulents or artichokes with more familiar favourites can create a head-turning bouquet for the bride, bringing unusual colour, texture and forms into the design. If the venue has a fountain or pool, floating blooms and petals can be a lovely way to enhance the space, says Amazing Graze Flowers. For an evening event, adding floating candles can really enhance the romantic ambience.

Hanging flower arrangements can also enhance the ambience of a venue for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Amazing Graze Flowers recommends adorning hanging light fixtures with flowers or suspending hanging arrangements over the ceremony space. To act as a backdrop for the ceremony, a flower wall made up of fresh or dried florals can make a striking statement and sets the scene for photos with guests, says Amazing Graze Flowers. 

For bouquets and table centrepieces, an ombre colour palette incorporating a graduation of colour creates a modern and unique effect. Amazing Graze Flowers says using a single type of flower, such as roses, in varying shades will take this to the next level. Greenery and floral garlands add lushness and can enhance or even disguise structural elements in the space, such as stair rails and columns, explains Amazing Graze Flowers.

As a leading florist offering flower delivery in Melbourne, the team at Amazing Graze Flowers is dedicated to sourcing the freshest flowers from premium growers. To discuss bespoke wedding arrangements, contact Amazing Graze Flowers today.

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