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New Intensive Cardiac Rehab Program at Modern Heart and Vascular Institute

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Modern Heart and Vascular Institute is proud to offer an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program designed to help patients get back to their normal lives after being diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

Press Release

Aug 8, 2022 09:00 CDT

Modern Heart and Vascular is now offering intensive cardiac rehabilitation for patients who have recently suffered from a heart attack, undergone bypass surgery, have chest pain, and others. 

The expert team at Modern Heart and Vascular is focused on ensuring patients’ hearts beat stronger and healthily. The experienced team including exercise specialists, dietitians, nurses and other medical personnel are ready to help patients regain their strength and stamina. 

Benefits of Intensive Cardiac Rehab Include:

  • Reducing the number of medications taken
  • Avoiding future procedures and surgeries
  • Lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar
  • Improvements in daily symptoms
  • Longer life with improved quality of life
  • Improved self-confidence and well being
  • And much more…

The intensive cardiac rehabilitation program includes orientation, one-on-one progress meetings, exercise sessions, education and specially trained staff.

The intensive cardiac rehab center is located at 18648 McKay Drive Suite 110 Humble, TX 77338.

For comprehensive cardiovascular care, contact Modern Heart and Vascular Institute by phone or online today. Same-day appointments are available to suit your needs. The majority of insurance plans (including commercial, Medicare, and Medicare replacement) are accepted.

Website: www.modernheartandvascular.com

Modern Cardiovascular Care for Modern Patients Using Modern Technology

Modern Heart and Vascular Institute
Phone: 832-644-8930
Email: office@modernhvi.com

Source: Modern Heart and Vascular Institute

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