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Odecloud Offers Connections, Knowledge Base and Opportunity to Netsuite Professionals

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OdeCloud is a fast-growing network of freelancers that’s connecting independent consultants with revenue opportunities and a strong community.

Press Release

Jul 8, 2022 18:00 EDT

OdeCloud, a digital workplace that connects NetSuite experts with job opportunities, an expansive knowledge base and community, announced that it’s expanding its membership to freelancers. The platform helps NetSuite consultants earn revenue by connecting them with clients, paying for blog entries and supporting one another. 

“Our community has grown tremendously since beginning in 2020,” says Osar Iyamu, OdeCloud’s CEO and co-founder. “NetSuite professionals are embracing the freedom and earning potential of freelancing, and we’ve been able to help them connect with clients and colleagues.”

OdeCloud’s machine learning-based platform helps freelancers get matched with client opportunities, setting both consultants and clients up for more fruitful engagements. 

“We want everyone to have a positive experience, which is why we’re more than just a job-posting platform,” says Iyamu. “We perform a rigorous vetting process before placing consultants, and offer features to support their growth with our knowledge base and community’s collective intelligence.”

NetSuite consultants on the platform have three core ways to earn revenue as a freelancer: they can work on client projects; contribute blog content; and/or support prospective clients who are looking to learn more about NetSuite or OdeCloud through a live chat.

“When you’re living the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, you want to identify new ways to have your expertise monetized,” says Angelo Mendoza, OdeCloud’s chief community officer. “The platform is designed to recognize, reward and expand the talent of our members through a combination of new and traditional means.”

The application process is currently open to freelancers interested in learning more and is available at: 


Interested clients in search of independent NetSuite consultants are encouraged to visit https://bit.ly/Ahad_odecloud to learn more about working with OdeCloud.

OdeCloud’s future plans include working with experts in other enterprise solutions, like Dell Boomi, Coupa and Salesforce.

“Clients in today’s world need multiple technology applications to remain competitive, and it’s difficult to find skilled consultants to help implement and support a diverse technology stack,” says Ahad Arain, OdeCloud’s COO. “OdeCloud is your one-stop solution to finding the best resources that can help you get the most out of your IT Applications, while staying up-to-date with new features and leading business practices.”

About ODECLOUD, Inc.

OdeCloud was founded in 2019 and matches fast-growing businesses with exceptional independent NetSuite consultants for one-off projects or continuous support and optimization. OdeCloud uses its connection with clients and robust knowledge base to create opportunities to earn additional revenue, stay up to date with NetSuite best practices and be part of a strong community. 

The Community has grown to over 400 members, serving clients like Coinbase, JVC Kenwood, Warner Media, Crunchyroll, Rubrik and other fast-growing tech businesses.

Source: OdeCloud, Inc

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