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Research Suggests Indoor Plants Can Help Protect From the Flu

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Winter has well and truly arrived in Melbourne and with the colder weather, people are more likely to catch the common cold or flu.

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Jun 14, 2022 21:49 AEST

According to Amazing Graze Flowers, who provides flower delivery in Melbourne, house plants are a secret weapon to combat the common cold or flu virus. While loading up on Vitamin C, drinking plenty of fluids and getting lots of rest are all sure-fire ways to reduce the severity of a cold or flu, when it comes to prevention, indoor plants might just do the trick.

Scientists have already proven that plants have air purifying qualities and can help to clear the air of toxins and impurities, but now research suggests they can also help fight against colds and influenza. During a process called transpiration, moisture transfers from a plant’s roots through pores in the leaves and turns into vapour. Plants typically lose about 90 per cent of their water a day through this process. Essentially water evaporates from the plant into the air, creating higher humidity in the home. 

Peer reviewed studies conducted over the past 10 years have found that when humidity levels are above 40 per cent, the power of the flu virus is significantly decreased, reducing its severity and contagious effects. Amazing Graze Flowers explains the bigger the plant, the higher the humidity levels will rise. 

Amazing Graze Flowers suggests adding a rubber plant to spaces without direct sunlight. The broad leaves help transpire more moisture into the air plus it is an easy, low maintenance plant to look after. Another easy to look after plant with broad leaves is the dracaena golden heart or ‘happy plant’, which likes bright indirect light and only needs watering every few weeks. 

For optimal transpiring results, Amazing Graze Flowers recommends choosing indoor plants with big leaves like peace lilies, snake plants and monsteras or consider creating a living wall with numerous plants hanging together. The closeness of the plants will increase humidity around them, helping to raise moisture in the air. 

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