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Seasonal Lawn Mower Replacement Parts For Optimum Performance

Are you like most lawn mower owners? Your mower is the most used piece of garden equipment in your garage, yet it is the one you take for granted the most. This is because they are are so well made, they never seem to break down. They just seem to keep working, year in and year out, in spite of the fact that you rarely buy the lawn mower replacement parts you need to keep them running their best.

Lawnmowers may keep on running, even when they are not well maintained, but if you give your mower a tune-up and replace worn parts regularly, you will get even better service from your mower. Make seasonal check-ups and maintenance a habit. It will make your mower run better and you will enjoy using it more, too.

The two most important lawn mower replacement parts you should replace each and every season are the spark plug and air filter. These two inexpensive parts will do the most towards making your mower continue to run like new, even after years of hard work. Throughout the rest of the mowing season, you will only have to give them a cursory cleaning at most – as long as you replace them at the very beginning of the season.

Put the air cleaner and spark plug at the top of your list, but don’t neglect the other lawn mower replacement parts that you may find you need. The ideal time to do your mower check-up is after you remove your old spark plug – when the mower cannot be accidentally started. Turn the mower over and drain the oil and give the machine a thorough cleaning and inspection. Replace any parts, such as cables and belts as needed. Give moving parts a quick spray with WD-40 to keep them moving smoothly.

Don’t forget to take off your mower blades and give them a good sharpening. This only takes a few minutes with a grinder or even by hand. Those are minutes well spent, because with sharp blades, the lawn mower doesn’t have to work as hard to cut the grass. Also, before you replace the blades, give those hard-to-reach areas under the mower a good cleaning.

After you have put the blades back on, replaced the oil, the spark plug and the air filter, fire up the machine and listen to it hum. If it still runs rough or if it just doesn’t sound right, it may be just a loose screw somewhere or it may be a warning that some moving parts are wearing out.

If you are concerned about it, take your mower to a professional lawn mower repairer. However, if you know where the problem is, you can save money by looking up lawn mower replacement parts online and fixing it yourself. You can find everything you need, from OEM parts to trouble shooting guides on a good lawn and garden equipment website.

More than likely, it will only take an hour or less to get your mower running perfectly again. The small cost of the few lawn mower replacement parts will be money well spent. Your machine will last much longer, run better and make operating the mower an enjoyable experience.

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