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The Lightest 3-in-1 Snapstand Kit: Ergomi Titan Launches on Kickstarter

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May 20, 2022 09:00 EDT

Lifestyle brand Ergomi launches the lightest 3-in-1 snapstand kit: the Titan. Available on Kickstarter starting April 28, 2022, Titan is created specifically for flexible workspaces with flexible devices.

Not a single stand on the market solves the equation of lightweight carry, plus easily adjustable ergonomic height, plus steadfast stability and the flexibility to accommodate all mobile devices. The Titan snapstand kit gets the device to an ergonomic height quickly and easily, allowing everything on the desktop to work on it. It’s the go-to stand for unlimited scenarios.

Titan comes in three sizes: Mini, Pro, and Max. Each is perfect for social media maniacs, compact writers, or daily work. Big or small, all Titans are equipped with durable, pure mechanical hinges, which enable smooth omni-angle adjustment like a mechanical arm, while offering far superior weight support for all mobile devices than any other stand in the market.

Paper-thin Design for Everywhere

The paper-thin structure of Titan defines its versatility. The compact body makes it easy to use anywhere while offering superb adaptation to any work/life scenario.

Patented Triangle Structure

Titan features a patented triangle structure, offering the best holding stability. With this structure, Titan can be adjusted into two modes: sit mode and stand mode. The sit mode is perfect for creating and reading. While the stand mode transforms the tablet into a mini working station or a dedicated monitor.

Mechanical Hinge for Unlimited Angles

Each and every Titan stand is equipped with a premium mechanical hinge. It’s silky smooth in motion with a special damping setting. People can adjust various angles to suit different working styles.


The Titan comes with two styles of attachment: magnetic with MagSticker and universal MagHolder. With a MagSticker, any device’s back can be attached to the Titan easily and fast. The nature of magnetic attachment also means people can switch between devices seamlessly with zero setups required. With a MagHolder, people don’t need to stick anything on the device but still work with the Titan snapstand.

Price and Availability

The Titan snapstand kit is available on Kickstarter, now at an early-bird price of $34. The Kickstarter page can be found here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ergomi/titan-the-lightest-snapstand-kit-for-workplace-agility

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