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The NFT Brand Collective Drops Its First NFT Collection of AI-Generated Brand Identities June 23, 2022 on OpenSea

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What happens when a team of brand and technology experts asks a machine to create its own brand?

Press Release

Jun 15, 2022 05:15 PDT

Machine learning experts are finding ways to utilize artificial intelligence in nearly every industry. But are there limits to the applications of machine learning? We know machines can assist with inherently human traits like creativity, but what happens when machines express creative ideas on their own?

Exploring this notion, The NFT Brand Collective has developed an AI/machine learning model that seeks to explore how a machine might create its own brand – without explicit human direction. The results of this endeavor might blur one’s perception around creative work that requires a human touch versus what a machine can do on its own.

The NFT Brand Collective approach is unique. Rather than asking a machine to “create a logo that looks like a mountain,” this model absorbs data from the real world and uses it to generate its own creative output. For logo creation, the model is trained using thousands of logos collected across existing, real-world brands. Based on this data, it’s able to generate new, totally original logos that serve as artistic representations for specific industries. Similarly, unique taglines are generated by feeding collections of real-world brand messaging into a GPT-3 messaging model. In essence, the machine uses its own form of creativity to come up with its own brand elements.

The results spark ideas around a potential future where humans might ask machines to not just help improve their businesses but create new ones based on what they see in the real world.

Curious to see the results? Brand marketing strategists, tech enthusiasts, and NFT collectors will have the opportunity to participate in this first-of-its-kind exhibition and get the chance to add a unique piece of this expression to their collections during The NFT Brand Collective’s first-ever NFT drop. NFT owners will gain access to an exclusive community of brand, marketing, and technology enthusiasts. 

The NFT Brand Collective is a collaborative effort between branding agency Map & Fire and digital transformations firm Eleviant. Map & Fire uses a unique blend of brand strategy, research, and marketing data to help businesses fuel new growth. Eleviant enables their clients to elevate and scale their business through a wide range of Digital Transformation Services, including cloud, mobile, automation, and web3 technologies.

The limited collection of just 32 exclusive NFTs will be available via OpenSea on June 23, 2022. 

Source: The NFT Brand Collective

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