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Winmo Announces Podcast Data & Insights

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Podcast data and insights make it easy to discover and select podcasts to advertise on that speak to target customers, and determine podcast ad spend to help find emerging brands.

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Jul 6, 2022 14:33 EDT

Winmo, the #1 sales intelligence tool for the marketing and advertising industry, announced the rollout of new functionality that encompasses podcast spend data and insights.

“The podcast medium is becoming an important tool in a specific type of marketer’s toolkit. It’s the starting point of emerging and D2C brands that many of our customers are hoping to build relationships with as their budgets expand. Our partnership with Podchaser will allow sellers to identify these brands, and connect with the brand and agency decision-makers who own these budgets,” said Dave Currie, CEO of Winmo and its parent company List Partners, LLC. With this added functionality and increased depth of the product, Winmo users can tap into the podcast advertising realm and easily discover new podcasts that are relevant to their target demographics. Users can also easily access media spend and make informed decisions on which podcast partnership/sponsorship opportunities will produce the best results. The new feature is made possible by Winmo’s partner Podchaser, a comprehensive database that collects, enriches, and distributes podcast data. Podchaser CEO Bradley Davis stated that “Podchaser’s mission is to power podcast discovery with deep data insights. Our partnership with Winmo is particularly exciting as it allows our data to be utilized on the sell-side.” This is indeed a novel use case for Podchaser’s eclectic customer-base as a new dimension of their market is now able to leverage its database and insights for a competitive edge, discovery of emerging brands, and to uncover monetization and growth trends in this deep and rapidly expanding space.

Interested in leveraging podcast data and insights? Learn more at http://www.winmo.com/podcast-data-and-insights/

About Winmo: Winmo is a sales intelligence tool that tracks decision-makers and agency relationships for thousands of national brands. Its human-verified profiles list media, agency and sponsorship decision-makers who control over $100 billion in spending each year, alongside contextual insights needed to craft sales outreach that resonates. Additionally, its predictive news analysis shines a light on future opportunities, analyzing tell-tale signs that media and sponsorship spend is on the horizon to alert sellers in advance. Armed with verified contact details and reliable sales predictions, Winmo users have the unfair advantage they need to connect with corporate sponsors at the right time. For more information and to request a trial, visit http://www.winmo.com.

About Podchaser: Podchaser is a comprehensive podcast database – their mission is to collect, enrich, and distribute podcasting insights to power discovery for creators, fans, and brands. For more information, visit https://www.podchaser.com/.

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